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Endoca Review

It would take many pages to communicate the full extent of what makes Endoca such a remarkable CBD vendor; what we will say is that very few do it better. Whether it’s genuine respect for the environment, all-encompassing quality control, dozens of fun (and potent!) products, or the fact that they run harvesting machines on biofuel, the folks at Endoca humbly demonstrate they are by far one of the best players in the CBD game. With such an extraordinary level of commitment to traditional agricultural practices and sophisticated technologies, any cannabinoid connoisseur would be wise to put Endoca at the top of their must-try list.

Endoca prides itself on creating some of the best hemp CBD oil on the market, and they do so with zest and originality. Listing all the reasons why Endoca is amongst the best CBD vendors in the world would take many pages; however, here are a few key highlights:

Endoca owns their seed bank, and grows, harvests, and processes the plants themselves. Much of the equipment they use in these processes is handmade and in keeping with traditional hemp agriculture. Their harvesting machines run on fuel created using waste from the restaurant industry.

Endoca feeds the hemp waste from their CBD processing to cattle (the healthy cannabinoids present lessen the need for antibiotics); any waste beyond that becomes biofuel.

Endoca is actively establishing an independent, self-sustaining village around their manufacturing center with an emphasis on permaculture.

Endoca is working on packaging made from hemp fibers, to reduce plastic/paper waste.

Endoca goes to great lengths to educate consumers on various healthy lifestyle practices with the goal of endocannabinoid system balance in mind.

Overseeing every aspect of the CBD operation allows Endoca to implement exceptional quality control standards. Endoca’s farming techniques help to produce a very desirable balance of the constituents commonly found in the hemp plant, ultimately resulting in more efficacy for the consumer. They were arguably the first hemp CBD company to market raw CBD oil, preserving the raw, natural hemp plant properties (think wheatgrass juice, but supercharged).

When it comes to sourcing, it’s hard to find a brand with better processes than Endoca. They utilize supercritical CO2 extraction and afterward employ cold filtration on all their CBD oil, effectively maintaining the plant’s chemical structure and delivering the best of what hemp has to offer.

Products available on Endoca’s website include everything from CBD capsules to topicals to powerful tinctures to innovative suppositories to bioavailable chewing gum and 99% pure CBD crystals. Only all-natural goodness to be found! Each item has a fascinatingly abundant amount of content that explains anything a customer would want to know and then some. Prices range from $8 for CBD-infused lip balm to $285 for 3000mg of our favorite product, the super-concentrated raw hemp CBD paste.

Endoca performs extensive tests on their batches of CBD oil used to make their products, including tests for cannabinoid content, terpene content, microbials, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and pesticides. While you cannot map product SKUs to the batch testing results on the Endoca site, each Endoca product does feature a batch number that can be used to look up the test results for the respective product.

Bottom Line – Endoca is one of the best CBD oil companies in the business for many reasons.

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Quality Verified

Endoca uses hemp grown in their five-hectare ‘food forest’ in Barcelona, Spain and supercritical CO2 extraction to procure their CBD products.

Safety Badge

Safety Verified

Endoca performs extensive tests on their batches of CBD oil used to make their products, including tests for cannabinoid content, terpene content, microbials, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Charity Badge

Charity Verified

The Endoca Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of children with special needs through projects, funding support, and advocacy programs.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

Endoca strives to show the world that we don’t need to continue poisoning ourselves and our environment in order to survive.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

Virtually every aspect of Endoca’s concept is innovative, from their proprietary genetics to their exceptionally nutrient-dense hemp grown on their pristine ‘food forest’ preserve.

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Endoca Products

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Endoca CBD Concentrate (3000mg)

Does 3000mg of CBD sound like a lot? It should—because this stuff is potent.

Along with the excellent growing practices employed by Endoca, their cannabidiol processing helps make this CBD concentrate especially powerful. The concentrate is not decarboxylated, which means it’s full of both CBD and CBDa—the acid form of the compound—making for a smoother and stronger product. And the mix also makes this CBD concentrate great for oral or vaporizer consumption.

But we can’t emphasize the potency enough. Endoca’s CBD concentrate is known for its strength—but possibly not the best option for those who are still discovering the types of cannabidiol products that work best for them. (And at $318, it’s also a bit pricey, though the cost breaks down well when it comes to per-milligram spending). Still, if you’re looking for something that tastes great and packs a powerful punch, plus is sold by a trustworthy operation, this CBD concentrate may be the right choice for you.

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Endoca CBD Tinctures

Endoca also provides its CBD oil in a number of tincture options.

Bottles are sold at the 300mg level, a less-potent mix is available for $29, and the 1500mg level, which is much stronger and comes with a $143 price tag. And the cannabidiol formulas are also offered in two varieties: Raw and regular.

Both types of CBD oil are derived from the whole hemp plant, but the decarboxylation process—or, the practice of heating the CBD concentrate—is what separates regular from raw.

Endoca’s raw oil is not exposed to the heat, which keeps all of the cannabinoids—including CBDa—intact. This leads to what some call the “entourage effect,” the idea that all of these cannabinoids work in concert to provide a benefit greater than the sum of their parts. Many argue this intact version of cannabidiol represents the “purer” form of CBD oil.

On the other hand, the regular oil does get treated with the heat, which not only eliminates the CBDa from the mix but activates or transforms other cannabinoids in various ways. The end result is a CBD oil that’s actually more bioavailable, but at the cost of the presence of some cannabinoids.

Again, with Endoca’s reputation for quality CBD, there’s no right or wrong when choosing between the two, just a different experience.

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Endoca CBD Capsules

For the dietarily restricted, Endoca’s CBD capsules make for a great choice. The pills are vegan, Kosher, and gluten-free, as well as non-GMO.

These CBD capsules also come in raw and regular form, giving a consumer plenty of choice when it comes to their CBD oil type. And once again, Endoca offers their product in two strengths: 300mg and 1500mg.

Again, both cannabidiol varieties include over 400 specific cannabinoids and terpenes—the compounds responsible for many tastes and smells of a plant—but depending on whether the product is raw (unheated) or regular (heated), some of those components will be transformed or eliminated. (Raw includes more cannabinoids but regular CBD oil is more activated for greater bioavailability).

At 10mg per capsule and $31 per bottle of the 300mg batch, the product offers an easy way to determine dosage and a comfortable middle ground for those just starting to understand their desired level of cannabidiol. And at $129 for the company’s stronger version, that cost efficiency is still maintained, especially when dollar-to-mg ratios are considered.

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Endoca CBD Body Butter

Even without the CBD oil, Endoca’s body butter is packed with dreamy ingredients for the skin.

The 100% natural product is made of some of Mother Nature’s best moisturizers, including coco butter, shea butter, palm oil, and Vitamin E. But the combination doesn’t just luxuriate, it helps proactively protect against free radicals and sun damage, as well as actively treat conditions like seborrheic dermatitis and mild dermatitis.

The whipped condition of the butter makes it a lightweight addition, and, at either 300mg or 1500mg of CBD per container, consumers can choose from a medium-to-higher potency of cannabidiol. (Prices range from $36 to $82).

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Endoca CBD Suppositories

Perhaps the most unique product on the list, Endoca’s CBD suppositories are meant to be used in particularly sensitive areas. (Specifically, the product is designed for vaginal or rectal insertion). But what’s the appeal behind the distinctive delivery method?

The process bypasses the digestive system, which is notorious for wiping out much of a CBD oil product’s potency, thanks to all those acids and enzymes designed to filter nutrients out of our food.

The inserts are also pretty powerful, at 50mg per suppository, with an entire box of 6 retailing for $52.

But, unlike the other products on this list, preparation is perhaps most important with these. The suppositories should be refrigerated before use, and—perhaps a no-brainer but we’ll say it anyway—proper hygiene should be adhered to throughout the process. The company also offers specific directions on how best to administer the item, which should be paid attention to.

Contact Endoca

Tel: +31 23 808 0104
E-mail:[email protected]

About Jason Brett

Self-care advocate, biohacker, and professional shopper of fine things. After being fed up with such a disorganized CBD landscape I decided to help level the playing field. I want to help you find the right CBD oil products so that you too can thrive! Questions? Contact Us.

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Save 15% on Endoca's complete catalog of hemp CBD products!

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Endoca Reviews

  • AvatarHerb says

    Dr. Sumachi. I’m thinking of purchasing the suppository. For my enlarged prostate. You said 50 mg daily.

    1: Once or twice daily.
    2: How long did it take for MRI reading.?

  • AvatarDino Fiumara says

    Maybe i have missed it , But do you make Water soluble CBD????
    If so what are the ingredients,



  • AvatarMark Thibault says

    My wife uses the Endoca CBD+CBDa with great results for her sciatica . . . We have tried several brands and have only found one other that will work for her . . . 4 drops in the morning and occasionally another 3or4 in the afternoon does it . . . Without it she walks gingerly and bent over . . . Only takes about 20 minutes to take effect . . .

  • AvatarCate Kosco says

    I have been using the CBD oil for over a year for osteoarthritis and chronic pain and have been very happy with the results. The folks at Endoca USA are very easy to work with and have also solved a few order and shipping issues for me. Will continue to be a happy customer.

  • AvatarTherese says

    Hello doctor. My 45 year old brother was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer 15 months ago. He has had chemo and radiation. He underwent a 9 hour surgery 8 months ago and had his rectum, prostate, bladder and 10% of liver removed. He now has 2 ostomies. Two weeks ago he was told his scan revealed another tumor in his liver and 3 lung tumors. I got him on CBD oil but was wondering if these suppositories would be better and if so can be put right into his colostomy stoma? Thank you for any feedback. A concerned but sister in AZ.

  • AvatarBreanma says

    I tried the suppositories. I’m not sold. The suppositories don’t dissolve well. It melts like a wax and gets stuck in my colon which thus gives me a very uncomfortable feeling on the right and left sides of my abdomen. When all the waxiness passes i feel tons better. Do not use.

  • AvatarThomas H KIcker says

    What is the dosage I need to start out with. I am 83 years old and have scoliosis with pain in lower legs. i have already be operated on at L4 – L5 and S1 twice. The first time it worked but not so much this time.Please please let me know where to start dosage.

  • AvatarSteven says

    I have been using the 15% Hemp Oil for over two weeks for various conditions including Psoriasis (skin disorder), Muscular tension, and bladder issues… I have now stopped using my topical cortisone which I was using far too often for my skin, the aches and pains in my body have diminished significantly and my bladder is operating close to normal again… My friend who put me on to this brand told me it was like lubrication for your nervous system, after taking my first dose, I could feel myself relax, I felt a deep joy… I will be ordering another vial.

  • AvatarKelly says

    I ordered these pills for my son who has 4 herniated discs in his neck from a car accident over a year ago. Nothing has relieved his pain till I gave him these pills. I am ordering another bottle so he doesn’t run out. I am a RN and wasn’t sure they would work but they do.

  • AvatarAhimsa Porter Sumchai MD says

    I am a licensed physician, spine researcher and author and the owner of a Sports Medicine practice in San Francisco and Golden State MD Health & Wellness in Sacramento. I have authored a book and a research case report about the use of cannabis infused topical body balms, lotions and massage oils for sports injury and occupational strain. As such, I have reviewed numerous CBD products and patient reviews. Endoca.com appears to have superior ratings and patient reviews compared with other hemp derived products including Bluebird Botannicals and PlusCBDoil. I was amazed recently when I urged a patient with prostate cancer to invest in the CBD rectal suppositories offered by Endoca.com. He followed my advice and we both researched the National Cancer Institute Website preclinical research findings showing the effectiveness of CBD in killing adenocarcinoma of the prostate. He underwent an MRI scan after using the 50mg CBD suppositories daily…and the prostate cancer had disappeared!

  • Avatarsam says

    Purchased Endoca Raw Hemp Oil. The process was quick and easy. The product seems to help my RA. Thanks for carrying a top notch product. (The only not-so-good thing is that it tastes pretty nasty.)

  • AvatarPhil says

    I’ve tried lots of products for my chronic pain, this seems to be the only cbd that really works for me. I’ve tried at least three other brands and how I’m happy with this one for a while.

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