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CBDfx Key Highlights

CBDfx not only has a solid philosophy around plant medicine, they also spend a great deal of energy publishing excellent educational materials on CBD. While many vendors claim full spectrum and broad spectrum products, CBDfx has the Certificates of Analysis to prove their varieties indeed contain high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. Fans of both plant-based diets and CBD may have a new best friend with the CBDfx brand, as they created the first 100% vegan CBD gummy bear.

CBDfx Pros

  • Extensive product line
  • CO2 extraction
  • Grown & made in USA
  • Testing protocols surpass industry standards
  • Full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate
  • Innovative CBD gummies
  • Affordable price point
  • CBN and CBG products

CBDfx Cons

  • Not all-natural
  • Limited full spectrum product options

CBDfx Coupon

Save 15% on CBDfx's complete catalog of hemp CBD products!

Doesn't expire

Our Verdict

A 5/5 Badge Brand

Because CBDfx exhibits excellence in Quality, Safety, Mission, Charity, and Innovation, the brand earns a perfect score of 5 with our methodology. Each badge earned is worth one star or point. The best score possible is 5.

Quality Badge

Quality Verified

CBDfx sources their CBD from organic hemp farms in Kentucky and uses clean CO2 extraction to procure their CBD oil.

Safety Badge

Safety Verified

CBDfx conducts multiple rounds of testing for purity on potency; they post current, third-party lab results online for all their SKUs.

Charity Badge

Charity Verified

CBDfx is known to support multiple nonprofit organizations, including the Search Dog Foundation and more.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

CBDfx is on a mission to deliver the purest, most effective CBD on the planet to new and experienced users alike.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

CBDfx is a leader in the CBD oil space and was the first to market 100% vegan CBD gummies.

Each badge earned is worth one star or point. The best score possible is 5. Discover how these badges are earned

Pricing and Value

*Pricing and value reflect status on date of published review and are subject to change.

CBDfx products are priced below average compared to other domestic producers that use organically grown hemp. We recognize significant savings with their CBD tinctures, CBD topicals, and CBD vape products, while their CBD gummies, CBD edibles, and CBD pet treats run more in-line with average market prices.

No matter what you want to spend, you can find something in the CBDfx catalog to fit your budget. The CBDfx price point starts at $4.99 for their sublingual CBD strips and goes up to $199.99 for their highest potency CBD tinctures.

Strength and Efficiency

First off, independent lab results prove that the strength CBDfx advertises on their packaging matches what’s inside; so that’s a win. CBDfx also offers an extremely wide range of strengths, from 15mg CBD strips to a whopping 6000mg CBD tincture. As far as the entourage effect goes, the most potent product appears to be their full spectrum CBD capsules with an impressive range of cannabinoids like CBN, CBC, and more.


What makes CBDfx stand out as a CBD company?

CBDfx has been around since 2014, and in the CBD business, that makes them old school. They were the first brand to offer 100% vegan CBD gummies, which filled a huge void in the market for plant-based people to enjoy the deliciousness of CBD gummies without the animal products.

Another mark of differentiation is in CBDfx’s all-inclusive offerings of CBD oil for every kind of consumer. The company caters to everyone, with full spectrum CBD oil, broad spectrum (0% THC with other cannabinoids), and CBD isolate supplements. And within these three types, you can choose from a wide variety of delivery methods from edibles to CBD vapes.

Finally, we’re going to get back to the gummies for a second. That’s because CBDfx has truly unique offerings in the CBD gummy department. Instead of unsavory flavoring and ingredients, CBDfx thinks outside the box by staying vegan, using all-natural colors, and incorporating superfoods like spirulina and turmeric.

What are the best CBDfx products on the market right now?

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Best for Sleep

CBDfx CBD + CBN Night Capsules For Sleep

  • CBD type: Broad spectrum 0% THC
  • CBD potency: 900mg CBD/bottle; 30mg CBD/serving
  • Price: $$

>> Check out the latest price <<

The CBDfx capsules for sleep are popular for a reason. They contain super powerful ingredients like valerian root, magnesium, and GABA, all of which have been heavily studied to promote sleep health. Not to mention, CBDfx has added up-and-coming cannabinoid star CBN into the mix. CBN is known for its beneficial sleep properties and contributes to the synergistic effect of this stacked supplement. Look forward to more Zzzs tonight!

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Most Potent

CBDfx CBD Gel Capsules

  • CBD type: Full spectrum
  • CBD potency: 25 or 50mg CBD per serving/ 750 or 1500mg per bottle
  • Price: $$

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We think CBDfx’s CBD gel capsules are selling like hot cakes for one definitive reason: They are loaded with tons of cannabinoids! We were impressed when we took a look at the independent lab tests for these. We counted a whopping 7 cannabinoids in the mix, including a generous helping of CBG. If you want the convenience of capsules and the benefits of full spectrum CBD oil, this is your smoking gun.

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Staff Pick

CBDfx CBD Gummies with Apple Cider Vinegar

  • CBD type: Broad spectrum 0% THC
  • CBD potency: 25mg per gummy; 1500mg per bottle
  • Price: $$

>> Check out the latest price <<

COR staffer Cathy Rozyczko tried this CBD product. Here’s what she has to say.
I want to explain what makes me love these CBD gummies so much! For real, they are unlike anything out there that I’ve tried in the CBD world. I’ll break down what I think makes them special:

  • The flavor is really interesting. When I first took a bite I did not expect what hit my flavor palette. For one, it’s barely sweet, like just enough sweet to give you that little kick after lunch. Second, you can taste the apple cider vinegar, but it’s not overpowering. For me it’s appealing because I know the ACV is there, but I’m not inundated with it (not a big fan of the taste).
  • Speaking of, who else is putting this much apple cider vinegar in CBD gummies? (Nobody I can think of) Apple cider vinegar is a win for the digestive system; that’s why I like to take 1 or 2 after a meal.
  • There’s nothing scary or unnatural in them. You can tell by the taste that no artificial flavors are used. To make their CBD gummies red, CBDfx uses coloring from tomatoes.
  • They’re totally vegan and cruelty-free!
  • Finally, CBDfx added B12 into the mix, 100% of your daily value to be exact.

If you want a CBD gummy with more health benefits from ingredients other than CBD, this one’s a winner. Again, I also really like that it’s not super sweet. Anybody who’s watching their sugar intake will also love them.

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Best CBD Topical

CBDfx Balm Stick Calming & Moisturizing

  • CBD type: Broad spectrum 0% THC
  • CBD potency: 750mg; 3000mg
  • Price: $$-$$$

>> Check out the latest price <<

CBDfx offers a few CBD topicals, but the best of the bunch has got to be their CBD balm stick in the calming & moisturizing formula. For one, there’s no mess or goo; simply apply the stick to the affected area. We also really dig the ingredients; they’re 100% natural and feature powerful essential oils like tea tree and rosemary, known for their skin-boosting properties. The combination of botanicals with broad spectrum CBD oil is both moisturizing and most likely capable of combating inflammation in targeted areas like joints and irritated patches of skin.


CBDfx Product Catalog Overview

Here’s a list of the types of CBD products CBDfx offers in their online catalog:

  • CBD tinctures
  • CBD gummies
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD drinks
  • CBD topicals
  • CBD for pets
  • CBD vapes
  • CBD edibles
  • CBD bundles
  • See CBDfx’s Full Catalog 

The good news is that CBDfx will probably fit the bill for most CBD product types you’re looking for. Whether you want full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate, you can count on organically grown Kentucky hemp and strict testing protocols behind every product. Here’s a look at what you’ll find:

  • The CBD tinctures from CBDfx are all broad spectrum and combined with MCT oil as a carrier for maximum absorption. You can choose from their Calming CBD tincture with added CBN, the Sleep tincture (a bestseller), and their innovative CBD+CBG oil combo. All come in strengths ranging from 500-6000mg of CBD per bottle.
  • The stars of the lineup are undoubtedly CBDfx’s awesome CBD gummies. Made with all-natural flavors and colors, these delicious treats run the gamut from daily vitamins to sleep and superfoods. They’re all one-of-a-kind and totally vegan!
  • You have three options with CBD capsules here: The first are the full spectrum supplements whose test results indicate major potency. Then, you have the day and night formulas, each with 0% THC broad spectrum CBD oil. 
  • By way of CBD drinks, CBDfx keeps the hits coming with fun-flavored, 2-oz shots that contain 20mg of CBD each along with various targeted ingredients like amino acids and vitamins.
  • Want a CBD spa treatment? You can acquire an arsenal of CBD topicals from CBDfx. They’ve got CBD face masks, foot masks, bath bombs, foot creams, balm sticks, and a popular cooling CBD cream for muscles and joints.
  • To help out your furry friends, CBDfx offers an extensive line of CBD for pets, including treats, CBD pet tinctures with varying strengths, and a soothing CBD balm for paws and skin issues.
  • The CBD vapes made by CBDfx are all made from CBD isolate, so you won’t find other cannabinoids here. The ‘fun’ flavors are made with artificial ingredients, which we’re not super keen on. We recommend the naturally flavored blends with terpene profiles like pineapple express. With these you can get closer to the entourage effect from the strong terpene profiles and avoid unnatural flavorings.
  • Finally, CBDfx only offers two CBD edibles, but they nail it with each product. The first is a vegan CBD protein cookie that’s pretty much unrivaled for its nutrition and taste. Next are the sublingual strips that freshen breath and get into your bloodstream fast through mucous membranes in the mouth.

What you should know before buying CBD from CBDfx

CBDfx’s Reputation

CBDfx has been around for nearly a decade, which makes them practically ancient in the CBD industry. In the past, the brand imported their CBD hemp from Europe, but has since made the decision only to source hemp from Kentucky. While European-grown hemp is known to be of high quality, this move made by CBDfx shows a great amount of concern for both purity and the environment. Hemp grown in Kentucky must adhere to strict growing guidelines dictated by the Department of Agriculture; these forbid the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides. Additionally, CBDfx has lowered their carbon footprint by keeping everything in the US. And we applaud the move.

CBDfx is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and the company currently boasts nearly 24,000 verified reviews on their CBD products.

Finally, the FDA has called out a few domestic CBD producers over the years for selling illegal products that violate federal law. CBDfx has never been mentioned in one of these official letters and continues to lead the industry with their solid practices and meticulous testing protocols.

Brand Awards and Recognitions

CBDfx has been featured in multiple major media outlets, including Men’s Health who awarded their CBD facial cleanser* the best on the market.
*Note, CBDfx isn’t currently making that cleanser. Hopefully, they’ll put it back in production…

About the Company/Who stands behind CBDfx?

CBDfx was founded in 2014 by plant-based wellness advocates, Ali Esmaili and Jameson Rodgers. From the beginning, the company has maintained that quality is their highest virtue, seeking to provide consumers with honestly premium CBD that works. At a fair price point.

Since their humble beginnings in the San Fernando Valley, CBDfx has grown into a global powerhouse; it’s now the second largest privately held CBD company in the world. Even with this astounding growth and over 100 employees, CBDfx maintains their philosophy that started it all:

A natural, plant-based approach to self-care is always preferable to a pharmaceutical one (unless absolutely necessary).
CBDfx has sold millions of CBD vape products online, and they continue to delight new and old customers alike with their thoughtful formulations meant to enhance the wellbeing of people and pets everywhere.

CBDfx At-A-Glance

  • Date founded: 2014
    Hemp Sourcing: USA
  • Where products are manufactured: USA
  • CBD extraction method: Supercritical CO2 extraction
  • Extract types: Decarboxylated CBD oil
  • Types of CBD oil offered: Full spectrum, broad spectrum, CBD isolate
  • CBDfx Coupon Code: COR15 for 15% off at checkout
  • Shipping Info: FREE SHIPPING on $35+ orders (US only)

We Reviewed CBDfx’s Lab Results and Here’s What We Found

CBDfx receives the COR Safety Badge for their excellence in third-party testing.

>> Click here to see all CBDfx lab results <<

We’ve awarded CBDfx the Safety Badge, which is not an easy accomplishment. Qualifying vendors like CBDfx must post current, independent lab results for potency (aka a cannabinoid profile) for all their SKUs. On top of that, they must include a CBD contaminants panel for the bulk cannabidiol used to make products that includes:

  • Pesticides
  • Residual solvents
  • Microbiologicals
  • Heavy metals

CBDfx goes beyond these requirements by including contaminants results on the majority of their SKUs. This shows a deep commitment to safety and transparency; it’s a step most companies don’t take because it’s expensive and it takes more time. CBDfx also provides QR codes on every single CBD product, so customers can easily see how their supplement measures up.

We scrutinized CBDfx’s lab results, and everything that’s advertised on the packaging matches what’s inside. We’re particularly impressed with their full spectrum CBD capsules that contain an astounding array of additional cannabinoids aka very potent cannabidiol.

A Closer Look at their Hemp Source and Manufacturing Process

CBDfx sources their hemp from farms in Kentucky that use strictly organic cultivation techniques, meaning no unnatural chemicals get anywhere near the plants. After that, their team of experts carefully selects which crops will be used to procure CBD oil. CBDfx explains that during this selection process, what they’re really doing is separating the good plants from the absolute best. And then choosing the latter.

After harvest, CBDfx utilizes CO2 extraction to procure their CBD oil. CO2 extraction is an environmentally friendly choice that negates the need for solvents.

From there, CBDfx’s CBD products are formulated and manufactured in GMP-certified facilities right here in the US. After the products have been formulated, CBDfx tests them an astounding eight times!

How to make the most out of your purchase?

Where to buy CBDfx products

The easiest way to buy CBDfx, regardless of where you live, is to order from their online catalog. However, you can also find CBDfx at brick-and-mortar stores across the country, places like vitamin shops and fitness boutiques. You won’t find CBDfx CBD products at Walmart or on Amazon, FYI.

CBDfx Shipping Info

CBDfx ships throughout the US. For shipping to Europe, you must visit the CBDfx UK website.
CBDfx offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $35.

CBDfx Rewards Program

CBDfx does not currently offer a rewards program. While we can’t definitively say why they choose not to, perhaps it’s because the majority of their products are already priced below market average for CBD from domestic, organic hemp. They also regularly dish out coupon codes for discounts on certain products.

CBDfx Customer Service

The CBDfx customer service department covers all the bases. If you have an issue, you may be able to simply use the chat bot on their website to get the answers you need. You can also email the company at [email protected] or fill out the form on the Contact Page of the CBDfx website. If you’d like to speak to someone, you can call CBDfx customer service directly at 1-888-991-7471 Monday-Friday, 8AM-6PM (Pacific Time).

Return Policy

If your product from CBDfx remains unopened, you can get a full refund from the company within 60 days of purchase by emailing [email protected] or filling out the contact form on the website. If the CBD product has been opened and you’re unhappy with it, email the company and explain the situation. They will address your concerns and may ask for photos to determine what went wrong. In these cases, you may be responsible for shipping costs to return the unwanted items.

CBDfx Review Wrap-Up

All in all, CBDfx remains a particularly excellent choice for vegans and the health-conscious alike in need of cruelty-free CBD. The effort put in by the founders of CBDfx to both educate site visitors on virtually every facet of hemp and CBD and to provide quality products speaks volumes to their integrity. If you want vegan CBD gummies with really healthy ingredients, we can’t think of another company that does it better than CBDfx. We can’t wait to see what new, exciting products are to come from this innovative brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to use CBDfx CBD products?

Like most CBD companies, CBDfx does not offer CBD dosage guidelines. At COR, our Serving Standard is 25mg of CBD, taken twice daily. Remember that if you are new to CBD oil, start out slow and build until you receive the desired effects. FYI, this is NOT medical advice! If you’re seriously hesitant about taking CBD oil for any reason, contact your physician before starting a new health regimen.

Are there any side effects?

CBD has not been known to have any significant side effects, but when in doubt, consult your doctor. Note that the caffeine in the CBDfx day capsules and valerian root in the CBDfx night capsules may cause side effects.

Can you use CBDfx for dogs or cats (pets)?

Yes! You can find many options of CBD for pets from CBDfx, including their CBD dog treats and CBD tinctures for all types of pets. Because all mammals have an endocannabinoid system, many pet owners find CBD hemp extract beneficial to the wellbeing of their furry companions.

What types of CBD oil does CBDfx offer?

CBDfx offers all three: full spectrum, 0% THC broad spectrum, and CBD isolate.

Does CBDfx offer organic products?

No. However, the hemp used to make the CBD oil in CBDfx’s products is grown organically in Kentucky.

Do they offer discounts or coupons for veterans?

No. CBDfx does not currently offer discounts for military or veterans.

Can you find CBDfx CBD in the UK?

Yes. CBDfx has an office in the UK that serves many countries in Europe.

At-a-glance FAQs

  • Does CBDfx offer organic products? No
  • Offers Veteran/military discount: No
  • Offers discount for students? No
  • Does CBDfx have a rewards program? No
  • Does CBDfx offer subscribe & ship options? No
  • Does CBDfx ship outside of the USA? Yes
  • Does CBDfx offer free shipping? Yes
  • Money back guarantee? Yes
  • Is CBDfx on Amazon? No
  • Is CBDfx on Walmart? No
  • Is CBDfx full spectrum? Yes
  • Is CBDfx all-natural? No
  • Does CBDfx sell CBD in bulk? No
  • Does CBDfx offer wholesale and/or white-label? Yes
  • Is it an MLM? No
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CBDfx Reviews

  • AvatarBryan Adams says

    I like to use about 8 drops under my tounge, then 30 mins later I will fire up a bowl of my favorite flowers. Together it seems to help with my chronic pain also. I was on oxycontin, Norco and xanax, now it’s strictly cbd, and cannabis for me. And I use ONLY cbd fx. In my opion, its the best I have found, so far. It is a bit pricey, but hopefully soon the prices will drop.

  • AvatarMelissa says

    The CBD vape juice has worked great for the arthritis in my fingers! It took me awhile to be willing to using CBD oil, I am a recovering alcoholic and DO NOT want anything that might give me a high, and there is NO high with this. All of my research lead me back to CBDfx brand over and over again and I would recommend the Wild Watermelon vape juice flavor.

  • AvatarKrista Davis says

    Have 500mg vape oil and its not good. And the other oil i used was lower mg but this has not worked.. i have had more bad days then good days.

  • AvatarKat says

    Love the products I’ve tried. Opoid receptors shot because of multiple hositalizations due to botched surgeries. Only thing I can take is Norco and cannabis.

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