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Charlotte’s Web

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Charlotte’s Web Review

If you’re even remotely familiar with cannabis, you’ve probably heard of Charlotte’s Web, the groundbreaking company that unlocked the power of CBD years ago — before it was cool. Their story took a dramatic turn when the founders met a very special child named Charlotte. The Stanley Brothers’ revolutionary high-CBD genetic variety with scant THC changed the game for Charlotte and thousands of lives across the country who heard the story. Charlotte’s Web is still going strong as perhaps the most trusted name in CBD oil.

The Stanley Brothers of Colorado are a band of seven long-time expert cannabis cultivators, but the Charlotte’s Web brand didn’t come to fruition until one little girl came along.

Everything changed when Charlotte’s family met the Stanley brothers who had developed a revolutionary genetic variety of cannabis with staggering concentrations of CBD, CBG, and other medicinal cannabinoids. Because the strain had negligible THC and no psychoactive effects, the brothers initially named it ‘Hippie’s Disappointment.’

This potent CBD oil has a host of natural benefits that support optimized health and wellness. Deeply moved by the entire experience, the Stanley Brothers decided to rename their genetic variety Charlotte’s Web after the girl that changed their lives forever.

The media caught wind of the incredible story, and thousands across the country flocked to the Stanley brothers for their game-changing CBD oil. The Charlotte’s Web team is on a mission to help countless people drastically improve their quality of life, and their dedication to make CBD products for children has earned them an unrivaled level of trust in the industry.

Charlotte’s Web is an OG when it comes to sustainable hemp production, and their sourcing and processes are absolutely stellar. Their proprietary variation is never sold to other outlets — you’ll only get the original Charlotte’s Web from Charlotte’s Web. It is known to have one of the most cannabinoid-rich profiles out there, and some consider it the absolute best in full-spectrum CBD oil.

The Charlotte’s Web CBD product catalog is everything we look for in a quality line: all-natural ingredients, certified-organic ingredients, and great options for everyone. Offerings include:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD gummies
  • CBD cream and balm
  • CBD isolate tinctures
  • CBD for dogs

It’s hard to contain our genuine love and admiration for this brand. They were true trailblazers in the CBD space, and they’ve rightfully earned the reputation of The World’s Most Trusted Hemp Extract™. Charlotte’s Web is consummately altruistic, with a veterans program and too many charitable partnerships to mention. In fact, they’ve been dubbed the ‘Robin Hoods of cannabis.’ And they’re sustainable too! We’re practically swooning.

Quick disclaimer. You might notice that Charlotte’s Web did not earn our Safety Badge. Make no mistake, their CBD products are safe, and the company tests for everything we require. You can even view the independent lab results for your product online. You can also call the company and request current lab reports on any item you’re interested in purchasing, and they’ll gladly send them. But because these results aren’t posted for view before purchase, we have to withhold the badge in this case.

Bottom Line – It  doesn’t get better than Charlotte’s Web. Period. Their trusted CBD oil changes lives, and they’re one of the most conscious brands out there. We support everything this remarkable company does.

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Quality Verified

Charlotte’s Web grows their non-GMO hemp in Colorado following organic practices and employs clean CO2 extraction.

Safety Badge

Safety Verified

Charlotte’s Web provides current independent lab reports for potency and contaminants on their CBD oil products.

Charity Badge

Charity Verified

Charlotte’s Web offers a veterans discount program and is known for their widespread charitable partnerships with Realm of Caring, Women’s Bean Project, and more.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

Charlotte’s Web is on a mission to improve people’s quality of life naturally with their phytochemical-rich CBD oil.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

Charlotte’s Web is famous for their proprietary genetic strain which was one of the first to boast staggering CBD levels with negligible THC.

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Charlotte’s Web Products

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Charlotte’s Web CBD Tinctures

Contrary to popular belief, making something simple is often much more difficult than making something complex. The pared-down nature of it gives any mistake few places—if any—to hide.

Such is the case for CBD tinctures, which offer the purest form of a company’s CBD oil. And in CW Botanicals’ case, there’s no need for a hiding spot.

The company sources its cannabidiol oil from the whole hemp plant, imbuing it with all the natural cannabinoids and flavonoids often credited with creating the “entourage effect”: the idea that all these elements of the plant offer benefits greater than the sum of their parts. That oil is then mixed with coconut oil, a pure carrier that offers plenty of its own benefits to the mix.

To boot, CW Botanical’s CBD oil is made with the safe and efficient CO2 extraction method, grown organically, and features negligible THC levels not through lab-based manipulation but naturally grown proprietary strands of hemp.

But simple doesn’t have to mean boring. CW’s CBD oils are available in four different flavors—olive oil, mint chocolate chip, orange blossom, and lemon twist—also derived from all-natural ingredients. And the mixes can come in three different strengths: 7mg, 17mg, and 50mg of cannabidiol per bottle.

Prices range from $40 for the smallest bottle of the least-potent batch to $275 for the largest mixture of CW’s strongest CBD oil.

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Charlotte’s Web CBD Capsules

If you’re looking for a no-frills way to take CBD oil without having to taste it, you may like the idea of CBD capsules.

The tablets are filled with the same high-quality and safe cannabidiol oil CW Botanicals puts in its tinctures, but the pill form makes for an easy way to incorporate the stuff into a daily routine. (The gelcaps are also vegetarian friendly!)

Though it does typically take longer to feel the impact of a CBD capsule—as the item must first go through the digestive system—effects usually last longer. And CW Botanicals’ CBD capsules also offer a reliably exact amount of cannabidiol per serving: 18mg per capsule.

With a bottle of 30 going for $70, that makes for nearly 8mg of CBD oil per dollar spent, and the company’s 60-count bottle, which retails for $120, pays out to 9mg of cannabidiol for each dollar—giving even more bang for the buck.

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Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies

If you’re someone who thinks that, contrary to the capsules mentality, the whole point of ingesting something is to taste it, you may want to explore CW Botanicals’ CBD gummies.

They may be named after a sweet treat, but the CBD gummies are far healthier than nearly any candy on the market, gaining their color and flavor from natural fruit and vegetable extracts. And the chewy texture is also plant-based, making CW Botanicals’ gummies a rare vegan-friendly option on the market.

CW Botanicals also offers plenty of options for the product, including CBD gummies formulated to help induce sleep, reduce exercise-induced inflammation, and promote calm. To help in these ventures, CW Botanicals turns to even more natural products, including the natural sleep aid melatonin; natural inflammation-fighters ginger and turmeric; and L-theanine, the same plant compound found in green tea, which helps aid in relaxation without drowsiness.

Gummies include 10mg of cannabidiol each, and come in 60-count bottles that retail for $55, giving customers nearly 11mg of CBD oil per dollar.

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Charlotte’s Web CBD Dog Products

It’s not just us two-legged types who deserve access to top-of-the-line cannabidiol oil. And CW Botanicals creates nearly as many options for canine companions as for their human counterparts.

Among the bevy of pet-based selections, the company offers the same CBD oil formulas it uses in its tinctures and CBD calming gummies – though these options are available in the more dog-friendly flavor of “chicken.”

Several types of “chews” are also available, with each piece containing 2.5mg of cannabidiol. Formulations include a calming chew that utilizes an all-natural botanical blend of valerian root, passion flower extract and chamomile to help promote peaceful feelings, as well as a “cognitive” recipe that uses elderberry powder and vitamin E among other natural additives to help support brain function in our furry friends. (A joint and hip pain formula, which utilizes turmeric among other ingredients, is also in the works.)

And CW’s only CBD topical is also made with Fido in mind. The company creates a CBD balm made to support skin and fur health and help dogs with sensitive skin or those who are battling “hot spot” areas that they can’t seem to stop chewing.

Products for the entire pet-based line range from $20 for the smallest bag of CBD chews to $160 for the largest tincture of the most potent CBD oil, though most hover somewhere between $20-$35.

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Charlotte’s Web Reviews

  • AvatarDee says

    What do people expect an oil that comes from plant material to taste like? Candy? People need to grow up regarding the taste of CBD oil. I think it’s great.

  • AvatarLori Craven says

    CW original hemp oil gave us our family back. We tried many rx but nothing help. He even tried to end his life at 8 years old, saying “God made a mistake when he made me”. After a few days of CBD oil he said he felt better. So we increased his dose and he has been so amazingly anxiety free! The one side effect we have yet to tackle is that he has very little appetite. We call it Liquid Gold!

  • AvatarJessi says

    We have only been using for our son with identical diagnosis for 1 month (turned to this as opposed to anti-psychotics). I’ve never seen him so functional. He hasn’t lost “him”, personality in tact, humor still avail, not a “zombie” at all, but functional. So far miraculous results for us!

  • AvatarDJ says

    I requested a copy of the tests on the Lot # for my bottle & of course it had the lowest amount of THC allowed. The only problem with that was that as per my pain management doctors urine tests, THC came up & was a very high amount. I never had any problems before & had the bottle with me so I could prove I wasn’t smoking pot. I stopped it immediately.

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