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Joy Organics Key Highlights

Joy Organics offers innovative CBD supplements grown and made in the USA. All Joy Organics CBD products are made with proprietary hemp genetics, earning major points for consistency. And with mission-driven efforts like supporting nonprofits, Joy Organics knows the secret to great CBD is a big heart. Their potent yet affordable line earns a perfect review score from us for outstanding quality.

Joy Organics Pros

  • Consistency (proprietary genetics)
  • CBD grown and made in USA
  • USDA organic certification
  • Mission-driven
  • Innovation
  • Affordable
  • Broad Spectrum
  • THC-free
  • Extensively tested for safety and purity

Joy Organics Cons

  • Limited CBD product line
  • Online ordering only available in the US

Our Verdict

A 5/5 Badge Brand

Because Joy Organics exhibits excellence in Quality, Safety, Mission, Charity, and Innovation, the brand earns a perfect score of 5 with our methodology. Each badge earned is worth one star or point. The best score possible is 5.

Quality Badge

Quality Verified

Joy Organics uses industrial hemp grown organically in Colorado and employs a clean extraction method.

Safety Badge

Safety Verified

Joy Organics conducts multiple in-house tests on every batch of product and monthly third-party tests for potency, contaminants, and residual solvents.

Charity Badge

Charity Verified

Joy Organics donates sales proceeds to multiple charities, and their Fort Collins Store sells items that directly support struggling communities around the globe.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

Joy Organics has a clear mission to improve people’s lives by providing full-spectrum, affordable hemp supplements that are proven effective.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

Joy Organics employs water-soluble, nano-emulsion technology to render compound particles smaller, increasing their absorbent effect.

Each badge earned is worth one star or point. The best score possible is 5. Discover how these badges are earned

Pricing and Value

Joy Organics is priced on the slightly-higher-than-average side. BUT they have USDA organic certification for most of their products, plus they use organic ingredients. Overall, a great value.

Joy Organics price point starts at $19.95 for CBD bath bombs and CBD energy drink mix to $99.95 for their 1350mg CBD tinctures. To get the most bang for your buck on the Joy Organics USDA CBD tinctures and CBD salve, go up in concentration. The higher concentrations will cost you less per milligram of CBD!

You can also save 20% by doing subscribe and save for Joy Organics CBD products.

Strength and Efficiency

Joy Organics offers various concentrations in their CBD line. Independent lab results show that their full spectrum CBD oil is indeed potent, containing other cannabinoids like CBDV, CBN, CBC, and more. FYI most of the tests for their 0% broad spectrum products, however, do not have this wide array of cannabinoids, but are still loaded with high amounts of CBD.

What are the best Joy Organics products on the market right now?

Use code COR15 at checkout Shop Joy Organics
Best for Pain

Joy Organics CBD Softgels with Curcumin

  • CBD type: Broad spectrum 0% THC
  • CBD potency: 750mg CBD/bottle; 25mg CBD/serving
  • Price: $$$

>> Check out the latest price <<

Joy Organics CBD softgels are shining stars in the lineup, mostly due to their nanoemulsion CBD. The brand uses proprietary technology to dramatically shrink CBD molecules, making them more easily absorbed and water-soluble. These CBD softgels with curcumin include the dominant phytochemical in turmeric for an anti-inflammatory boost.They’re potent and great for overall wellness, but a bit on the pricey side.

Use code COR15 at checkout Shop Joy Organics
Best for Energy

Joy Organics Energy Drink Mix 

  • CBD type: Broad spectrum 0% THC
  • CBD potency: 12.5mg CBD per packet; Sold in boxes of 5
  • Price: $

>> Check out the latest price <<

One of our fave products, the Joy Organics Energy Drink Mix is an awesome way to get in your CBD, your hydration, and your energy and vitamins — all in one amazing blend! Each packet comes with water-soluble CBD (P.S. ALL CBD drink mixes should have water-soluble CBD for best absorption), 75mg of caffeine to rev your engine, and a crazy amount of vitamins and terpenes. All-natural and frankly, we’re all about it!

Use code COR15 at checkout Shop Joy Organics
Staff Pick

Joy Organics USDA Organic CBD Salve

  • CBD type: Broad spectrum 0% THC
  • CBD potency: 500mg
  • Price: $$

>> Check out the latest price <<

We love CBD topicals but have no interest in any of the stuff with artificial ingredients. Our thinking is, aren’t we turning to CBD to get more natural relief in the first place? We’re also picky about the natural ingredients themselves. The more certified-organic the better…

Thus, when we found out that Joy Organics now offers a USDA organic CBD salve, we got stoked! It’s the CBD topical we use the most, since we feel like it has the most applications (versus a lotion, serum, etc.). This one is nice and simple, only 5 ingredients.

Usually, the quality CBD balms will run you around $50. Joy Organics has 500mg broad-spectrum CBD oil for $54.95. And then you get free shipping. We’re willing to pay $5 extra for CBD balm we know 100% is organic.

Like the other products in the Joy Organics line, their CBD balm has a clean, mild scent. We like to slather it all over our foreheads if we have a headache, rub it on our temples when we’re stressed. If someone in the fam gets a bug bite or a rash, reach for it. A little goes a long way, so you can usually last with 1 jar of CBD balm for like 3 to 5ish months with a family. If it’s just for you, you probably would only have to buy it like 2-3 times per year.

Use code COR15 at checkout Shop Joy Organics
Best Value

Joy Organics Organic Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures

  • CBD type: Full spectrum
  • CBD potency: 2250 mg
  • Price: $$$

>> Check out the latest price <<

Joy Organics is a great place to shop for CBD medicine cabinet staples: case in point, their best-value 2250mg full spectrum CBD tinctures. Currently priced under $130 (remember, prices are subject to change), this is a fantastic value for 2250mg of full spectrum cannabidiol that has the USDA organic seal. Comparatively, you can pay significantly more with other vendors at that concentration level. So, if you’re a CBD power user or just want a solid, organic CBD tincture to keep around for when you and your family need it, these are probably the best value in the Joy Organics catalog.

What makes Joy Organics stand out as a CBD company?

One of the biggest reasons Joy Organics stands out from the fray is that they use proprietary genetics. That means you get the same genetic variety of CBD oil every time. Not a mixture of different plants from all over the place. Joy Organics uses only a proprietary strain of PCR (phytocannabinoid-rich) hemp for their formulations, so they get high marks for consistency.

We recognize the innovative aspect of Joy Organics in their water-soluble nanoemulsion technology used to process their CBD softgels and CBD salve. Hemp compounds are converted into nano-sized emulsions, making each drop of oil up to 200 times smaller than usual. They are quickly and more easily absorbed into the bloodstream for faster relief due to their significantly smaller size. With this technology, users need less product to experience the desired effects.

Joy Organics strikes that cool balance between covering the bases of multiple CBD product categories without spreading themselves too thin. They do just a few things, but they do them right. Quality of ingredients is really important to the Joy Organics team (and to us), so it’s important to note that this line is all-natural. No scary additives or chemical preservatives to be found! On top of that, most of these all-natural ingredients are certified organic, to boot.

What you should know before buying CBD from Joy Organics

Joy Organics’ Reputation

Joy Organics is one of the most trusted CBD brands in the US. They’ve earned the trust of satisfied customers via a few avenues. For one, the founder’s mission is by all appearances genuine, rooted in personal experience with health issues and the difficulties finding the safest, most effective CBD oil. Joy Organics remains a family-run business. They started from humble beginnings and now have over 35 employees. Joy Organics has now received USDA organic certification, not easy and not cheap.

Joy Organics runs both in-house and independent tests on their CBD oil products, an extra step not everyone takes. Joy Organics also doesn’t fake the organic in their name. Most of the ingredients in the line are certified organic.

Joy Organics is accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and as of this review, only has 1 complaint. Joy Organics has only used natural ingredients since day 1, and we can verify that Joy Organics is involved with legitimate nonprofits. They do a lot of charity work, so it’s hard to keep up with it all, but the brand at one time donated 200,000 meals to a school in Uganda.

Brand Awards and Recognitions

USDA Organic Certification

Joy Organics has received USDA organic certification for their full spectrum CBD oil and broad spectrum CBD oil used to make product. The brand also has obtained the certification for many of their final products, including all their CBD tinctures (pets included) and their CBD salve.

US Hemp Roundtable

Joy Organics is a member of the US Hemp Roundtable, a coalition of leading organizations committed to safety in CBD production with education and action.

About the Company/Who stands behind Joy Organics?

The inspiration that fuels Joy Organics is Joy herself, founder and CEO of this family-run business. Joy tried CBD for pain and poor sleep health at the suggestion of her son. Soon, the two tried all the CBD products on the market. Most of these products were ineffective, so Joy became determined to create an honest business with high-quality products that help enhance wellness and transform lives. Joy Organics gives back in a big way by funding nonprofits and offering a CBD discount for veterans, first responders, and low-income households.

Joy Organics At-A-Glance

  • Date founded: 2008
  • Hemp Sourcing: USA
  • Where products are manufactured: Colorado, USA
  • CBD extraction method: Supercritical CO2 extraction
  • Extract types: CBD distillate
  • Types of CBD oil offered: Full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD hemp extract
  • Joy Organics Coupon Code: COR15 for 15% off at checkout
  • Shipping Info: FREE SHIPPING on $50+ orders (US only)

We Reviewed Joy Organics’ Lab Results and Here’s What We Found

Joy Organics receives the COR Safety Badge for their excellence in third-party testing.

>> Click here to see all Joy Organics lab results <<

Joy Organics posts current tests for potency and contaminants. You can find them on the Lab Results Page as well as linked on every Product Page. Every Joy Organics CBD product comes with a QR code which will make it easy to view results on your smartphone. And Joy Organics earns big points for conducting both in-house and third-party testing (a surefire indicator of quality control).

Joy Organics usually uses lab Botanacor to test for potency, aka the cannabinoid profile that will show you how much CBD, THC, CBG, etc. is in the products. For contaminants like heavy metals, microbiologicals, and more, Joy Organics will usually get PIXIS Labs to do the job.

The hemp used in Joy Organics CBD oil is organically grown in the USA. From there, hemp material is sent to Joy Organics in Colorado. All processes, formulations, and packaging take place at the Joy Organics production facility in Colorado. The company employs supercritical CO2 extraction to process their cannabidiol. Supercritical CO2 extraction is one of the more expensive methods, but known to be environmentally friendly and free of solvents.

A Closer Look at their Hemp Source and Manufacturing Process

After extraction, cannabidiol is put through distillation. THC removal and refinement comes next for Joy Organics broad spectrum CBD oil that contains 0% THC. Certificates of Analysis by an independent laboratory then confirm the potency and purity of the CBD oil.

Finally, Joy Organics CBD hemp extract is then put through a nanoemulsion process for their CBD softgels and drink mix only to render them water-soluble.

Once the final product has been formulated, Joy Organics runs another round of both internal and independent lab tests which can be found on their website.

How to make the most out of your purchase?

Where to buy Joy Organics products

You can purchase Joy Organics easily on their website or at a retail location. The brand is carried in many vitamin shops and wellness stores across the US, specifically in Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. Joy Organics also has brick-and-mortar retail shops in Fort Collins, Austin, and Wichita. You won’t find it on Amazon or Walmart.

Shipping Info

Joy Organics ships throughout the US (no international shipping).

Joy Organics offers FREE SHIPPING within the US for orders totaling $50 or more.

Rewards Program

Joy Organics hasn’t always had a rewards program, so we’re pumped that they’re offering one now. You get 1 point for every $1 you spend that you can redeem for individual CBD products or for $ towards your total purchase. If you’re a regular customer, it’s definitely worth it.

Customer Service

Customer service with Joy Organics gets a solid A. They offer free, fast shipping in the US for all orders over $50. And a 30-day Money Back Guarantee is what we’d expect from an exemplary company like this. You can easily get in touch with the people at Joy Organics, and everybody’s friendly. They’ve got their direct line at 833-569-7223 open with a real person to talk to Monday to Friday, 8:30-5:00 MST. You can also chat with the live bot on their site or send your questions via the form on the Contact Page. However you do it, someone will get back to you shortly.

Return Policy

All Joy Organics CBD products come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. If you want to return a Joy Organics product, email the company at [email protected] or via the Contact Page on their website for a full refund. They’ll even let you finish the whole bottle before the return request if you’re not experiencing results!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to use Joy Organics CBD products?

Joy Organics doesn’t give specific CBD dosage guidelines, but explains that 5-50mg CBD per day is what is ‘commonly reported for health maintenance and minor issues’. At COR, our Serving Standard is 25mg of CBD, taken twice daily. That said, if you are new to CBD oil, start slow. Slowly build until you receive the desired effects. And remember, this is NOT medical advice! If you’re seriously hesitant about CBD oil for any reason, contact your doctor before starting.

Are there any side effects?

CBD has not been known to have any significant side effects, but consult your doctor if you are starting a new health regimen. Note that the caffeine in the Joy Organics CBD energy drink and melatonin in the CBD softgels sleep formula may cause side effects.

Can you use Joy Organics for dogs or cats (pets)?

Yes. You can find CBD for pets from Joy Organics, including their CBD dog treats and USDA organic CBD tinctures for pets. Because all mammals have an endocannabinoid system, many owners are finding CBD hemp extract beneficial to the overall wellness of their furry companions.

What types of CBD oil does Joy Organics offer? 

Joy Organics uses USDA organic full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD hemp extract. No CBD isolate is used.

Does Joy Organics offer organic products? 

Yes. Joy Organics has obtained USDA organic certification for their full spectrum CBD tinctures, broad spectrum CBD tinctures, broad spectrum CBD tinctures for pets, and CBD salve.

Do they offer discounts or coupons for veterans? 

Yes, also for military, first responders, and low-income. See our section above for more information.

Can you find Joy Organics CBD in the UK?

Joy Organics is currently working on serving UK customers as of the publishing date of this review.

At-a-glance FAQs

  • Does Joy Organics offer organic products? Yes
  • Offers Veteran/military discount: Yes
  • Offers discount for students? No
  • Does Joy Organics have a rewards program? Yes
  • Does Joy Organics offer subscribe & ship options? Yes
  • Does Joy Organics ship outside of the USA? No
  • Does Joy Organics offers free shipping? Yes
  • Money back guarantee? Yes
  • Is Joy Organics on Amazon? No
  • Is Joy Organics on Walmart? No
  • Is Joy Organics full spectrum? Yes
  • Is Joy Organics all-natural? Yes
  • Does Joy Organics sell CBD in bulk? Yes
  • Does Joy Organics offer wholesale and/or white-label? Yes
  • Is it an MLM? No
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About Jason Brett

Self-care advocate, biohacker, and professional shopper of fine things. After being fed up with such a disorganized CBD landscape I decided to help level the playing field. I want to help you find the right CBD oil products so that you too can thrive! Questions? Contact Us.

Joy Organics Reviews

  • AvatarEllen Kenney says

    Was about to place an order when I saw your editor’s photo. That same person was editor of Hemp Life Today/ Cannazal CBD Co. This Co did well for a few years but lost most of their custs due to poor cust service. Many lost money as product was not recv’d.

  • Avatarjanice says

    Me too products that are marginal at best. Nothing special here. Gel caps with melatonin “help sleep”, of course they do they have melatonin in them! The CBD does nothing as the melatonin is what is helping you sleep, but also hurting your body. You are signaling to your body not to make melatonin naturally. This is not a good thing.

  • AvatarGinny says

    I have a VERY low income. I am NOT going to order a product that I have no price for.
    Do you have a price list?

    Would it be possible to get a FREE CBD tincture to see if it actually WORKS?

  • AvatarW. Brian. Wildeman says

    I am very interested if any of your product offerings have been known to help skin problems especially those that present an itch problem.

  • AvatarDinah says

    Tanya having a loved one that has been on other meds for pain sometimes it takes a stronger dosage to counter the processed meds you and your Mother might have been taking…The tinctures are ususlly a better delivery of absorption as well and go all the way up to 1,500 miligrams

  • AvatarKatie Waters says

    Discovering this company has made a huge difference in mine and my family’s lives! Not only are their products effective, they taste and feel amazing too. They treat their customers and partners with the same thoughtfulness and care that they take in creating their products. They give back to the community in many different ways and add great value to the Fort Collins community, as well as the CBD industry.

  • AvatarGrateful Customer says

    The soft Gels are great! I sleep so much better and do not wake up due to hip pain.

  • AvatarMary says

    I don’t like taking anything type of pharmaceutical for pain. I have had chronic neck pain for years and when I tried Joy Organics’ salve I was amazed! I awoke in the AM without the neck pain!

    Still using it and have not had neck pain issues!

  • AvatarMax Poling says

    I’ve searched high and low for a quality vendor with integrity and compassion in the CBD space for the last five years, and I’ve finally found them with Joy Organics. My wife suffers from degenerative disc disease and this has been a break through product line for us – plus ZERO THC!

    Couldn’t be happier with their service too, and I can buy online with free shipping.

  • AvatarBetty says

    Joy Organics is my home! I have been searching for a CBD company like them now for quite some time. They are transparent, friendly and always helpful. In addition, they have been making moves lately to better their products. Joy Organics truly cares for the people.

  • AvatarJoy Organics says

    Hi Tanya,

    I appreciate your question. For most people, they feel a difference within a few weeks. If for some reason you and your mom don’t feel a change, we would be happy to process a refund for you. We want to make sure all of our customers are satisfied with the quality of our products.

    Just email us, you can find our contact info on our site.

    Thank you!

  • AvatarBuyer Beware says

    Run by MLM’ers so beware. Not exactly what you think. Dig deeper and do your research.

  • AvatarTanya says

    I’ve been taking the capsules and my mother as well.. we haven’t noticed any change to our pain from arthritis
    We are using the 750 mg capsules
    How long did it take you to get relief?

  • AvatarLATASHA reed says

    A close friend shared her CDB oil with me over a three day period.. I suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic pain daily. Very debleating pain. I was completely amazed at the results. No pain at all.. I now am waiting for my first bottle to arrive, if this improvement continues, I will never be without this product again. Thank you for such a great product. I will pass this on to anyone and everyone I can.

  • AvatarKaren Mannino says

    Joy organics CBD oil has changed my life! I’ve been suffering from severe hot flashes including night sweats and irritability and have just not been able to sleep well at all. Since taking this product for the past two weeks my hot flashes have decreased in severity and frequency and I am sleeping much much better! This product has changed my life! I recommend it for anybody who is suffering from hot flashes and has had severe adverse reactions to hormone replacement therapy like me.

  • AvatarAmanda Seling says

    Joy Organics really cares and look out for their customers. I researched several CBD oil companies and Joy Organics was one of the top rated and I like that they are organic, unlike most other companies that use harmful pesticides and chemicals to treat their plants. This company also shows you where they get their resources and lab results of their products. I decided to give them a shot and the mail service lost my package. I emailed Joy Organics to let them know what happened and to my surprise they emailed me right back stating that they will send me the same product along with cbd gummies in the overnight mail. I look forward to trying their products and will leave an updated review later on. It is also nice to know that this company is community based and is involved with charities and volunteers nationally and internationally.

  • AvatarMargaret says

    I love Joy Organics! I chose them (even though they are a newcomer to the CBD industry)because they use organically grown hemp in Colorado with GMP. I love how fast the CBD softgels work since they go through the additional processing to make them water soluble. I love that the softgels are 300 times more bioavailable than oil tinctures which makes my monthly CBD budget less (more bang for the buck!). I love her very potent salve. With chronic back pain from a herniated disc, Joy’s company has made my life more bearable. Recently there was “Joy Day” on her birthday and all the products were 40% off. With so many sales that day, she will be able to provide 202,000 meals to child refugees in Uganda. Agree 100% with this review because I’m a tried and tested customer.

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