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Life Elements Review

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Life Elements Review Review

Life Elements 60 Second Summary

In the crowded CBD marketplace, Life Elements feels like a breath of fresh air. This husband-and-wife team are shaking things up by keeping things natural — and adding a bit of Mexican magic. With ingredients like tepezcohuite and a passion for plants and the planet, Life Elements is winning with their 100% clean and unique skincare line. A bit more information and more CBD test results, and we can see them earning a perfect score in the future.

Life Elements Brand Review

Life Elements has been making nature-based body care since 2006, but rebranded years later to incorporate the natural benefits of CBD. Married couple Martha and Curt bring a lifetime of experience and passion to their handmade products, especially Martha who grew up in Mexico learning the herbal remedies passed down by her grandmother.

The Life Elements line exudes eco consciousness with ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients (the company’s claims appear to check out). Everything is handcrafted in California, cruelty free, and also free of the nasties like parabens. Life Elements CBD products are additionally void of common synthetics we usually find in the CBD topical space like phenoxyethanol and polysorbates.

In fact, the Life Elements line is so clean, there’s absolutely nothing inside that could harm you, the Earth, or even your dog! If Fido accidentally eats your CBD bath bomb, you have nothing to fear.

The brand sources organically grown CBD, and we have a feeling they get it from some sort of sustainable operation say, in California or Oregon. However, since Life Elements does not disclose the geographic source of their hemp nor their extraction method, we have to withhold the Quality Badge for now — which stinks because we know this brand is better than that!

Moving on to the product line, Life Elements offers a ridiculously clean, innovative, and healing CBD skincare catalog with the following winners:

  • CBD bath bombs- These aren’t your average cannabidiol bath bombs. You can purchase these treats in multiple concentrations (perhaps the first time we’ve seen a CBD retailer give this option!) and varieties with natural ingredients like goat milk, witch hazel, and ylang ylang.
  • CBD pain relief stick- They call this one the ‘miracle stick’ for its anti-inflammatory ingredients like broad spectrum cannabidiol, ginger, turmeric, and a first in the CBD space, bee pollen.
  • CBD skin repair oil
  • CBD lip goo
  • CBD sugar scrub
  • CBD body oil with tepezcohuite- Stop everything! Have you heard of tepezcohuite? We hadn’t either — it’s a bark tree that grows in Southern Mexico. The ancient Mayans supposedly used it medicinally, and the Red Cross has even used it to treat burns! This all-natural remedy is thought to be good for virtually all skin issues. Tepezcohuite is not a common skincare ingredient, and this is certainly the first time we’ve seen it in the CBD space. This product is our favorite with 600mg CBD, a very high concentration for CBD body oil.
  • CBD face serums (also with tepezcohuite)
  • CBD face mask with water-soluble CBD

Life Elements may be the most innovative, natural CBD skincare brand that we’ve seen in a long time. Major kudos for their use of powerful and eco-friendly ingredients that we feel confident pass the test for sustainability.

Life Elements does come up short on the Safety Badge, since they do not post CoAs for every SKU. They also are missing a microbials test (which we require) on their internally generated CoAs currently on the website. To qualify, they’ll need to provide results from an independent lab.

Still, we can’t help but have a bit of a crush on Life Elements. Their authenticity and their CBD products are tantalizing to anyone searching for natural, effective skincare.

Bottom Line

Life Elements is killing it when it comes to all-natural, clean CBD skincare. We just need some more information to grant them more badges.

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Life Elements Review has not been verified to disclose both the geographic source of their hemp plus a clean CBD extraction method.

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Life Elements believes in making a difference as real as their CBD products and prides themselves on their craft.

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Life Elements innovatively handcrafts their products with groundbreaking ingredients like water-soluble CBD and tepezcohuite.

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805.460.4102 | [email protected]

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