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Empower® BodyCare

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Empower® BodyCare Review

Founder Trista Okel came up with the concept while sitting in a jail cell for protesting medical cannabis restriction. She then spent eight years developing a CBD topical oil for pain that people can’t get enough of. So much so, it’s become the best-selling cannabis topical in Oregon. See why this badass CBD vendor makes all the right moves.

First off, the jail story. Trista Okel was arrested in DC for blocking an entrance to a public building while protesting with Americans for Safe Access. That’s when she came up with a powerful acronym that became her CBD brand’s namesake — End Marijuana Prohibition Organize Women Enact Reform. EMPOWER. From there, she spent nearly a decade perfecting a CBD oil topical for chronic pain, inspired by her own mother’s struggle.

Today, Empower BodyCare holds multiple awards and is a household name among Oregonians. The brand’s commitment to social justice and sustainability has earned them nods in Vogue, High Times, and many other outlets. They definitely have that special ‘something’ about them; something you cannot buy, but you know it when you see it.

Aside from their je ne sais quoi, Empower BodyCare has the high standards of quality and practices to back up their brand and their CBD products. All their hemp is sourced domestically on farms certified organic by the USDA. While we do not know the extraction method they employ, because the company’s safety tests are so extensive, we don’t have to!

Empower BodyCare not only provides potency tests for each of their CBD products, but complete contaminants panels for their CBD oil. They run independent tests for microbiological impurities, heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents — everything we require for the Safety Badge!

Empower has two CBD lines, the first of which is their Black Label, available only at licensed retail locations in Oregon and Washington because it includes high levels of THCA. The White Label is available for sale online. Every CBD product is vegan and paraben-free, with non-GMO and sustainably sourced ingredients. In fact, Empower is known to work only with environmentally conscious vendors.

Check out what empower® BodyCare has to offer:

  • CBD topical relief oil – Say hello to the product that started it all! Cannabidiol is blended with organic jojoba seed oil, bergamot, and more for an anti-inflammatory topical that smells as great as it feels.
  • CBD topical relief lotion – We awarded Empower the Innovation Badge for this product, not for what’s inside, but actually for the packaging. This CBD lotion comes in a special container with an airless pump. A vacuum effect shoves the lotion upward, making sure you get every last bit. Plus, it extends the shelf life! We’ve yet to see a CBD topical in a special container like this. The CBD lotions are available in three varieties with a long list of ingredients. We approve of all but one of them — phenoxyethanol — but in the broad scheme of things, we consider these products very clean.

Finally, Empower BodyCare has been known to participate in local events that raise money for nonprofits that aid victims of domestic violence and more. They are clearly a transparent, sustainability-driven, socially conscious company.

Bottom Line – Empower BodyCare earns a perfect score from us for their highly tested, sustainable, and quality CBD line of topicals and the company’s undisputed integrity.

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Badges For Empower® BodyCare

Quality Badge

Quality Verified

Empower BodyCare sources their hemp from USDA organic farms. Their CBD oil is proven to be free of residual solvents and other contaminants.

Safety Badge

Safety Verified

Empower BodyCare posts third-party potency results for each SKU and conducts comprehensive contaminants tests on their CBD oil.

Charity Badge

Charity Verified

Empower BodyCare is known to take part in local fundraisers to support nonprofit organizations.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

Empower BodyCare is on a mission to provide effective CBD topicals to empower people to reduce discomfort and lead fulfilling lives.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

Empower BodyCare incorporates highly innovative packaging with their CBD topical relief lotion.

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About Cathy Rozyczko

Cannabinoid researcher and consumer advocate. I take CBD because the science on cannabinoids is solid, and I have seen firsthand the amazing array of benefits the hemp plant (when properly grown without chemical pesticides, etc.) offers humans and animals! Questions? Contact Us.

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Empower® BodyCare Reviews

  • AvatarPatricia Nietzold says

    I have been a consumer of Empower BodyCare Products, I believe, from their early beginnings. I find their quality and care, to every product I’ve tried, to be of the highest quality with excellent result. I easily consume 8 or more large bottles of their ‘Infused Topical Oil’ every year. The company itself has an excellent support staff easy to reach and respond quickly to inquiries. I can not say enough good things about Empower BodyCare Products, they are awesome!

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